Pappapp is a pregnancy app for expectant fathers, with tools to support their pregnant partner in the best way, be involved in the different steps of the journey and get support in preparing yourself for the upcoming change in life, both practically and emotionally.

We followed our pregnancy with several different pregnancy apps, which contained very good information to understand what is happening and how to prepare. But the focus naturally falls primarily on the pregnant woman and we lacked an app that focuses more on the expectant father standing next to their partner.

How as a father-to-be you can be there for your partner in the best possible way and prepare yourself for a completely new phase in life. Gender roles are changing and we want to contribute to more equal parenting already during pregnancy by offering a platform that is also dedicated to the male partner.

We see Pappapp as a complement to the classic pregnancy apps. Read more at

Developed together with my wife Ellen Dewrang and Mattias Lönn

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